Disabled Mannequins

Mannequins impacts the life of today’s individual in various ways as just by visualizing some clothes on these figures, a person can get an idea of the look and fitting of the final product. It is indeed a good way to represent fashion and clothing but there was nothing interesting for a Differently Abled person in this particular industry to look upon.

  • AIMS Media launched the Disabled Mannequins to spread the awareness about various types of Disabilities and to empower & encourage the PwD’s towards an inclusive society. During our fashion pageant in 2015 (WWAD), we decided to take measurements of 3 finalists and make 3D models of their body so as to produce mannequin designs. First the sketches were made and then after getting the full design ready, we produced 3 Disabled Mannequins representing 3 disabilities i.e. 2 for Locomotors and 1 for Cerebral Palsy.

  • In the year 2016, during our second season of WWAD, we launched these mannequins nationally which made us 1st company in Asia and 2nd Company in the whole world to take such initiative. The launch got covered by ABP news, TV9, Zee News and many other media sources.