Education Consultancy

A group of dynamic individuals from diverse backgrounds with a passion for igniting the flame of curiosity in young minds provides various solutions for cross curricular integration,classroom management, marketing support, home schooling, HR services, SEN section set up and curriculumset up.

Education is a process of delivering or facilitating awareness, knowledge, skills, values and perpetual learning. It is to build the base of an individual in two forms that is formal (established or set procedure) or informal (constructive learning). To educate there are multiple strategies or methods required for better outcomes. These different methods or techniques used to teach are known as pedagogies. The pedagogical concepts are applied in many different concerns to make the learning more easy, innovative and interactive. Also, to run a smooth and undisruptive classroom there is many proclamations that need to be structured. To fulfill the need of unknown lacking associated to education, the need of education solution emerges.

  • AIMS Media offers its expertise in the academics by providing numerous solutions to the Play Schools, K-12 School, Special Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • It designs the constructive and dynamic curriculums to offer better learning and make the topic/subject interesting.
  • Also, to incorporate the lesson plans and deliver effectual learning it has outlined numerous pedagogical concepts.
  • The group of dynamic individuals from diverse backgrounds with a passion for igniting the flame of curiosity in young minds by providing various solutions with different perspectives in eight most essential areas.

Cross curriculum integration – Includes different disciplines and viewpoints

  • Integration of set curricula with learning tools from other subjects
  • It is a fusion which promotes the students to apply knowledge and skills
  • Providing well tested designed Teaching/Learning Materials to make learning easy
  • Offering assistive tools and techniques to make the learning more accessible

Classroom management - Operate the classroom without any disruption

  • Reforming the classroom’s teaching appliances and interiors
  • Inculcating the conducive learning environment
  • Use of different format to express languages for the verbal and non-verbal
  • Help to develop multiple models for the behavior required in the classroom

Marketing support - Increasing the marketing efficiency of marketer

  • Offers multiple marketing plans and strategies
  • Provide adequate solutions to organize the events
  • Helps to design and develop the marketing strategies and collaterals
  • Helps to accelerate the capacity of the end-users

Home schooling - Home based education

  • Providing comprehensive study materials to study from home
  • Offering lesson plans based on the learning objectives
  • Delivering aligned curriculums with that of schools and other institutions offer
  • Developing the visual tutorials for effective learning
  • Designing the learning materials to enhance the entailed skills

HR services - Creating the workforce of the organization

  • Helps in structuring the policies and system
  • Facilitating with the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Sustaining the HR training programs for the foundation in education

SEN section set up - Educating students with their individual differences and needs

  • Helps in setting up an area for educating the special needs in the regular schools and implanting ongoing monitoring and mentoring
  • Developing tools and tests for screening
  • Assisting in identification of early developmental delays
  • Render services of staff recruitment ; special educators, psychologists and therapists
  • Develop and design Individualized Education Program

Curriculum set up - Establishing curriculum management system

  • Inculcate the dynamic curriculums to enhance the functional area of the students
  • Delivering the customized curriculums as per the need of the clientele
  • Empower the parents and other stakeholders with preset periodical monitoring agendas
  • Designing adaptive test papers and revision worksheets for both regular students andthe students with neurological challenges

Workshops and Training Programs - Short term study group

  • All our modules for regular students and the person with special needs are focused towardsstudent-centered learning, inclusive and accessible society, collective and collaborativeeducation, use of technology in education, cognitive development and creativityenhancement that aim to develop higher order thinking skills, equal participation, workpossibilities and innovative and contemporary methods of teaching.