Inclusive & Dignified Employment Approach (IDEA) is conceptualized by AIMS Media as a platform to bridge the gap between potential employers and productive employees.

  • Conceived in 2016, its first session was held by the name of “Vibhavari” during which an expert panel along with some Persons with Disabilities who discussed about the challenges they face in the market while getting a job and what types of jobs can be performed by them. From 2016 to 2017, we spread the needs of Persons with Disabilities to the market according to each industry specifications and got the feedback of diverse industries and their market needs. Afterwards we found some eligible candidates whom we trained as per the current market needs to appear for their respective interviews.

  • In 2018, we started communication with World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct ProSEEDs (Promotion of Sustainable Education & Employment among Differently Abled). The general objective of the conclave was to strengthen the capacity of organizations by sensitizing them to the hitherto unexplored human resources among youth with disabilities who can be as much productive and worthwhile as today’s demands.The conclave provided an opportunity to bring together the industries and people with disabilities, to create sustainable and dignified employment opportunities for them and to promote sense of inclusion among the PWDs.The conference steered towards policy reformation for the PwD’s as companies ask for educational qualifications when according to National Skill Qualification Framework, companies can accept applications on the basis of the skill set.