Jigyasa Creative Quotient Tool

Jigyasa Creative Quotient Tool (JCQT) has been developed and designed keeping in mind about the latent potential and creative bent of a child at his/her early intervention age. JCQT was conceived as an idea to analyze the creative strength of a child and provide a right dimension for their holistic development. A research team consisting of Child and Adolescent Psychologists, Neurologists, Educationists, Special Educators and Multimedia Professionals were gathered in order to design the test and their outputs went through a thorough brainstorming session.

It is of immense importance that we understand, know, feel and realize the true talents and even shortcomings of our children at the age when we can work on honing what the child is naturally blessed with and chiseling what is still a rough area.

Jigyasa Creative Quotient Tool (JCQT) comprises of a series of activities that helps bring forth the dormant talent of a child so as to enable her/his parents chart a course which is truly in consonance with the spirit & talent of the child. Children are given a certain set of activities to perform and basis the results are evaluated basis on certain parameters. Our teams of expert counselors thereafter will spend time with every child and her/his parents and then help decode the findings of the tool. There will be repeated sittings and stock taking sessions with parents & children to see if the process of chiseling and polishing the child is on the right path.

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