NEST Solution

NEST (Next Educational Significant Technology) Solutions is a touch screen device having an inbuilt application making education more interesting, interactive and innovative. It will be equipped with custom chapters having custom worksheets for students according to their age, ability and difficulty.

  • The idea of NEST was conceived during the study of children’s IEP, Curriculum and understanding levels. Our observation showed the sometimes the curriculum would be connected to NIOS or any other board or the educators are making their plan which varies from city to city, state to state and language to language. In order to organize education for Special Needs, NEST was innovated and is currently under process to be implemented shortly.

  • The environment comprising the students getting educated will be referred as Smart Lab where any child from any region, irrespective of their previous curriculum can get education via technology based curriculum even just by keeping in mind about the child’s mental age, chronological age and abilities.

  • The application will be user friendly and can also work on any device’s platform including its custom device. It is precisely designed for the next-generation to solve educational needs of Everyone and Everywhere. The idea of NEST and Smart Lab as also sent to IIGP 2.0 and got much appreciated from their end. Right now AIMS Media is working on the interface of app and will launch it soon for the beneficiaries across the globe.