Multimedia-Workstation is a modern and unique approach/project of AIMS Media, which assists “Supportive-Employment”; and outsourcing, generating and exploring techno and non- techno designing work to increase work-opportunities for People with Disabilities/Diverse Needs in the field of Multimedia, Art and Technology by establish a vocational unit/workplace in association of its subsidiary AIMS-Productions.

  • Multimedia Workstation works in collaboration/partnership with organizations/institutions working with disabled/diverse needs/challenged/or needy people and it operates in the premises of its partner/associate.

  • AIMS Productions is a creative production collective driven by a passion for creativity, innovation &attention to detail. We provide attentive, attractive and innovative designing/branding solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. Our pool of technical professionals excel in contemporary media production, offering total media solutions encompassing creative project management, conceptualization, cinematography, design, editing and 3D motion graphics.We have the facilities and talent to bring your vision to life. Multimedia Workstation is supportive units of AIMS Productions to help Differently-Abled community.

Shoes Art

The concept emerged when our multimedia coordinators perceived the interest of student in non-technical part of our curriculum so;

  • we took that into consideration and made our trainees to learn art on shoes which showcase different patterns, characters, themes and many more.

  • This was to encourage their art abilities in a productive manner.